Discover your calling and take flight

Calling all explorers - it's time for an educational adventure! We're on a quest to make opportunities through education available to one and all. Join us at Outclass, where discovering new things is an absolute blast. We're making learning a breeze and beyond entertaining with the power of tech. No more heavy textbooks - now you can gain knowledge in the most fun way possible.

We're proud to be building a learning world that's accessible no matter where you are, with room for everyone. So don't wait. Let your curiosity run wild as we unlock your next career together.

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about us banner


Originally launched to help AirAsia Allstars to develop their skills apt for the growth in digital economy, Outclass is now opening its doors so anyone can boost their job prospects. We're on a mission to build a future-ready workforce and fuel the growing digital economies across Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

With offerings like instructor-led masterclasses, on-demand online courses, collaborative learning at The Hub, and a job marketplace (coming soon), Outclass is levelling up to become the ultimate EdTech launchpad in the region.


Our Mission

We believe in purpose as a fundamental solution, empowering learners to chart their course towards success.

Outclass helps you find your purpose. Our resources help identify your core values and strengths, guiding you to a fulfilling career and life path.


Our Learners

Curiosity rewards and here's the proof. Anne, a 47-year-old DJ and sound engineer, went from live shows to digital marketing after mastering skills in a 10-day tech bootcamp with Outclass. Now she runs her own business and mentors others.

Hazriq, a former Ramp Ground Operator with AirAsia, pursued data analytics through Outclass. Today, he uses his tech talents to make projects soar, proving the right training can transform lives and take dreams to the skies.

You can be the next success story.